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Island Contractors Bonaire

Building gorgeous homes at places with stunning view.

We are a home contractor company specializing in building island homes. We have a team of 75 people composed of civil and structural engineers, along with Architects, foremen, construction workers, and even private contractors like

Started in 1985 by Peter Bonaire, the company is now managed by his grandchild, Gerald and his wife, Anna. Together they carry on their family’s legacy of creating beautiful homes at fair costs.


If you’re looking to create your “forever home,” you’ll have to find the right contractor who can build one that would last a lifetime. We use only the best materials available in your budget range. We don’t skimp on quality just to earn more profit. You wouldn’t have to worry about the materials being replaced by cheap quality options as you can always visit the site for random checks. Kerrisdale Roofing is one of our main suppliers so you can definitely trust us since they are one of the most reputable companies in Canada. We also document the process for those who don’t have the time to do site check, and send regular updates.  


We commit to following schedules. If we have agreed on a certain time when we should turnover your keys, we do our best to have your home built before that. We’ll have it ready to be lived in without any sign of the construction that just happened. In fact, with the 5,000 houses we’ve built over the years, we have 85% success rate of finishing the project before the deadline.

Reasonable Prices

Building your dream house is not cheap. After all, you probably saved a few years before being able to pursue this goal. However, that doesn’t mean that it should be okay to spend way more than you should. We offer reasonable prices to cover the costs of labor and materials, but not so much that it would bloat the price somewhere only the millionaires can afford.

We are even partnered with Consumer's Choice Roofing and Drainage so that the next time you need some maintenance, we can hook you up on some great discounts that will save you a ton of money!!!

When building an island home, there are many more factors to consider compared to when you’re building a house in a city.The air, humidity, rain, and terrain are different, and so it is more challenging.  

Hire a contractor who specializes in such projects!

Our process

  1. Avail of our free estimate by sending us a message so we can schedule a visit to your site. Tell us the design you want so our architects can visualize the plan, and put it into paper.
  2. Pick among the 3 options submitted.
  3. Start building your dream island home!
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